5 Strange Golf Courses in Europe

Golfing is a favorite pastime for people all over the world. It involves players that use a wide array of clubs called golf clubs to hit golf btrees-flowers-spacious-gardens-and-of-course-several-golf-courses-3888x2592.jpgalls into holes featured in particular areas of golf courses.

The player with the most holes and the least strokes succeeds. It is also one of the few games involving a ball of any kind that does not require a standardized playing field. The course is represented by either nine or eighteen holes which get progressively difficult.

Not all golf courses are the same, with some impressing not only in their difficulty but also in the unique way that they were built. This is why we decided to take a look at 5 strange golf courses in Europe.

La Jenny golf course

In Aquitaine, France you will find the La Jenny golf course. What separates this particular course from the rest is that golfers can renounce their clothes completely. Yes, you got it right: nude golfing is possible. It is a 6-hole course that comes with the addition of full body sunbathing while trying to make that perfect shot.

Karlovy Vary

While not a strange course in its own accords, the Czech Republic Karlovy Vary golf resort offers golfers the chance to relax in one of the 12 curative springs that the resort offers or just sit back, relax and admire the beautiful landscape.

Montgomerie golf course

Located in Ireland, the Montgomerie golf course offers an unique array of holes as well as deep pot bunkers from which it is said that golfers cannot escape once they reach it. Designed by Colin Montgomerie, a Ryder Cup legend, the course offers a links-like competitive feel and enough outdoor beauty to make you want to stay there forever. As for the links part, I would say that it has more of a links meets parkland vibe to it.

Headfort Golf Club

The Headfort Golf Club course near Dublin, Ireland is strange in a different manner than all the rest. With natural ponds, lakes, streams, oaks and other obstacles, the entire course seems to have been designed by nature especially for golfing. This 18 hole course offers a number of nature’s very own creations into which golfers can try to put golf ball. It also doubles as a wildlife preservation of sorts so expect a lot of communion with nature.


In Spain you will find the Valderrama golf course. Considered by many to be the perfect mix of difficulty and beauty, the hardest thing for golfers that choose to play here is not hitting the ball but maintaining concentration while they’re doing it. Natural beauty and the hand of man offer a perfect blend that you rarely see in our day and time.

With Europe housing well over 7000 golf courses which vary in difficulty, beauty and sheer wackiness, it is quite likely that there are far more interesting golf courses out there that are just waiting to be discovered and written about. Until then however, we hope you fully enjoyed our top 5 strange golf courses based in Europe. All the best in your golfing.