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Wedges and Golf Nets: Improve your short game

Improving your golf game each time you practice is important for long term effects and benefits. You will also gain confidence while you are in the course because you have practiced well. There’s no magic trick in getting a swing right. All you need it dedication and practice. You can practice on your swing at home by using golf net so you can keep on hitting the ball consistently to perfect your swing. Wedges are also a great way to improve your short game and this article will tell you how. For golf hitting net reviews you can visit to learn more.callaway-golf-chipping-net-41using-a-wedge

Wedges and Golf Nets: Improve your short game

Course strategy

Prevent problems by studying the course and use a strategy that is appropriate. Hit the simplest shot and do not expect to hit a miracle shot and succeed. It is advisable to putt when you are on the green because that will also give you a very good shot. A lob shot can be used, but only if you don’t have any other choice. You will at first feel like the keeping the ball on ground is soft, but the will end up closer to the hole and your score will improve.

Know which club to use

A sand wedge must be used if there are obstacles in the way. The 5 iron is used for longer chip shots and if the course is not so clear, use the 6 iron club instead of the putter. The 8-PW is used for shooting into the air and these shots can move slowly for some distance.

Have a good spot

You will want your ball to land on a putting surface. The turf on the putting surface is more flat which makes the first bounce of your ball easier to predict.


Visualize your shot before hitting the ball is important for chipping because if you are able to estimate how it will land, you will easily be able to plan when you are already chipping.

Set-up properly

Have a narrow an open stance and put your left foot behind the target line and your feet should be 1 foot apart from each other. Your shoulders should be open to your target and the ball should be 2 inches from the left of your right big toe. This will give you a more solid contact with the ball. Your left wrist should be flat and firm during your stroke. This will keep the club leveled as you finish the stroke and hit the ball accurately.

When you are on a short games using wedges, with this ways you can improve you game. The key is always planning ahead and strategizing on your shots. Golf requires a lot of practice and determination because you won’t always get a hole in one and the chances of getting a hole in one are always slim and it usually happens out of almost perfect calculation or luck.

Practice on your skills and become a better golfer. The short game is very important because it will get you better points if you master it.

Golf Rangefinder Review: How to get better scores

sergio-garcia-using-golf-rangefinderGolf Rangefinders are used by golfers to tell the distance of an object that is found on the golf course so they will be able to find out where to make the ball go and score better. This article will tell you how to get better scores using a Golf Rangefinder.

Golf Rangefinder Review: How to get better scores

It speeds up your play

You no longer need to use a manual device to measure the distances of the objects. The Rangefinder will easily tell you where the object is by just pushing one or two buttons.

You will gain confidence

You will no longer doubt about the distance so you will become more confident towards your shot. The more certain you are about the distance of an object the more you will be able to plan your shot and not be worried about anything going wrong.

Better decision making

By having a Rangefinder to use to tell you about the hazards on the course, you will be able to make a better decision that is both accurate and precise. You will also know what distance you need to achieve in order to avoid the hazards found on the course. Your strategy will also improve and also where you need to direct the ball to.

You will become more motivated

If you are able to check your progress with a Rangefinder, you will know what improvements you need to make so you can have better scores next time.

Calculates slopes and hills

The more advanced Rangefinder calculates the elevation of the hill or a slope so you will find out how you can improve on the direction and distance of your shot.

Gathers data

The Rangefinder is the most accurate tool for getting the distance of the hazards that can be found on the course and also tells you how far you need to hit the ball for each club.

Special functions

Laser guided Rangefinders have the ability to quickly tell you the distance of an object and what kind of club you need to use for each hit you make. It also detects if there is a hole near where you are standing and so you can avoid it. Most people prefer using the Laser-guided Golf Rangefinder because it is easier to use and it does not need any additional information for it to start working properly. They can also easily detect the object whether it is moving or stationary.

Some GPS Rangefinders are waterproof so you an under any condition and you will still be able to distances despite of the weather. The GPS Rangefinder has a hard time detecting an object that is moving unlike the laser-guided Rangefinder.

The Rangefinder will help you get better scores because it is very accurate in telling you the distance of objects you need to avoid. If you want to become a better golfer, you need to have a good Rangefinder. You can also get a tournament Rangefinder if you are ready for a tournament.